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Name: Sephiroth Crescent
Species: Born Vampire
Series: FFVII AU
Eyes: Green cat slit naturally though he can change them to human pupils.
Hair: Silver, and goes to the back of his knees.
Age: 853

Details: In his AU, there are two kinds of Vampires, the turned, an the born. He is the latter, and because of this he has something of a prejudice against the other kind. In his life he has taken a great deal of time and effort to make sure that any turned vampires are firmly settled or put out of their misery, depending on the circumstances.

Abilities: As a born Vampire, he has no problems with sunlight, though it is only through his father being fae instead of human or vampire that he doesn't have the natural allergy to silver that others of his kind do. Instead, the allergy transferred to a severe reaction to iron and steel.

He can heal anything so long as it is something he can lick or otherwise put his mouth on, and while this is incredibly intimate, it is the only method for his line. That skill is rare even in that sort of context.

He can summon a blade, and this is one of the skills that actually isn't one from his line, but a vampire skill where he's from that almost any can accomplish. Unfortunately, one must be innately able to do so before he can teach them how, and often, that is not the case.

He is faster than humans by a large margin, as well as far far stronger, though his sense of decorum doesn't really let him flaunt this situation.

Vampire details:
The turning of vampires in his world is a bloody, brutal situation. It hurts, and involves coming very close to death, and a definite trip into madness. If the one who turned you does not feed you, you never regain sanity. If the one who turns you abandons you, then your bloodlust leaves you to go wild on those around you. If the one who turned you isn't strong enough, then you might accidentally kill them in the first moments of your new life.

Sunlight hurts the turned, and while not fatal in small glimpses, more than a few seconds leaves severe burns. No Vampire can eat any solid foods. Not even the born can do that, though some venture broths and tea with no ill effects.

Silver is uncomfortable to wear, burning even, and any wounds made with a silver weapon will not heal by magic or any other means except on their own by a very slow rate. This can be bypassed by cutting away the damaged flesh so the normal regeneration will kick in and heal the wound almost immediately.

If a vampire doesn't drink from living beings, their personal abilities will not work. It is the life force that allows this to happen, and artificial blood only weakens a vampire, only quelling blood lust.


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